Tomorrow Comes Today – Keynote by Arnon Woolfson

Fri May 5th 10:00-10:45 | Suecia

Arnon Woolfson is Head of Entertainment at Synergy in London (a part of The Engine Group) and Senior Supervisor at Polar Music Prize. Arnon Woolfson will open the day with an inspiring keynote speech on marketing anno 2017 – Why a music strategy makes sense with examples of why many people misunderstand what a music strategy actually is.

Arnon Woolfson (UK)

Head of Entertainment, Synergy Agency
Arnon Woolfson has spent more than 20 years in the marketing & entertainment business, working on high profile projects across music and brands. He has developed award-winning campaigns for brands such as Coca Cola, Nestlé and BBC, and has worked with artists like Avicii, and Wyclef Jean. He currently runs the Entertainment business at Synergy, an award-winning sports marketing business.